Saturday, December 24, 2011

Marostica and Bassano

Had a fabulous weekend with my friend Gloria. I've decided that when I visit other cities I want to go with a person who loves that city best. It seems to be a great way to learn about the place and be able to appreciate it even if I only have a little time. So Gloria's favorite city is Bassano del Grappa, and it's famous for...that's right, its grappa. It was also a point of conflicts in both World War I and II, and to this day you can see bullet holes in the wall next to the bridge from WWII. Very cool, way older and more interesting than anything I can show people back in the states. So they make fantastic liquore, and they are rich with history-what's not to love?

Marostica was an added bonus, seeing as it's on the way to Bassano, and-well, what's not to love about Marostica? Their most well-known draw is the live chess match they play every two years. I know what you're thinking: live chess match? I mean a chess match with actual human beings playing as each piece on the board. Rad, huh? The main piazza has a huge chess board actually laid into the pavement, and every other year in September they play a live "production." It's a huge deal for the town and a very cool, one-of-a-kind event to come and watch. But the city itself is so stunning too; it's a walled city that climbs up a steep hillside with a castle at the top and one down next to the piazza. You should see the place at night...

Sorry, I know it's a rather abrupt post, but it's very late and I've got to crash. Enjoy the pictures though, and I will share more stories soon!

Here are Marostica and Bassano:

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