Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I ran the ridge!!

Doesn't need much explanation, eh? So I live at the base of the ridge that separates Sant' Agostino, Vicenza, and Torri di Arcugnano. When I run the valley, I actually turn off right before the road starts to climb the hillside and then I trace the base of the ridge with my route. But today the valley was wet, it was a gorgeous day (51 degrees, yeah!), so I figured why not! (Umm, maybe cuz it's insane??) Anyway, just thought I would share the views and the victory from my (killer) five-mile loop. What an great experience this all is...have a great week everyone!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pasta night!!

There's a few things I specifically came to do in Italy:
1. Improve my Italian (or at least attempt to)
2. See some of the most beautiful and amazing places in the world
3. Learn how to cook some really good food!! So thanks to my friend Karen, I am now well versed in the craft of making pasta. Wow, so much easier than I thought. Why do we get away from the quality ways of doing things? Just for the sake of speed and convenience? Well I'm now completely a believer of making my own pasta-anyone care to come by for a sample?
On Sunday night, we had an evening of good company, good food, and sure-to-be good memories. Luisa brought peccorino tartuffo and fresh ricotta-yummmm-and we had pasta all'uovo with pesto. Tomorrow night is bigoli ragu d'anitra and beignets with Luanna. I am SO loving life.