Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Taste of Winter

Things can be a little unpredictable around here. One day, it's snowing inches. The next, it's raining. And two days later, it's so sunny that you can look out the window and think it's summer again-until you step outside and go numb in two minutes, that is. I'm enjoying the mixture. The gray weather can get a little overbearing but hey, that's what a good book and some cute little kids are really good for. Whenever it's sunny, I try to get out and run, ride my bike, somehow just soak the warmth and radiance into my skin. These are some shots from some of the best days I've seen, at both extremes.

The pictures with the snow are from a small community outside of Bologna. It's where I spent two weeks working and even more vacationing this summer. I went back down to visit my friends and some students (and to say goodbye) one more time before I leave-at least until I'm back next summer, that is. It's hard to believe how much has taken place since July, my first time there. I feel so happy and so at home when I visit them now, I know it will be a destination for me for a long time to come. Maybe one day I'll get to call it home too. It was a fun and adventurous trip. My goal was to go to Ferrara, the city of bicycles, and take my bicycle too. It was supposed to be sunny that weekend...well, from the pictures at the train station with almost two feet of snow, you can tell the weatherman had it wrong that day. It was quite humorous, trying to forge my home in the snow with a bicycle; I must have looked insane. It didn't bother me much though. For the opportunity to be with friends, almost anything is worth it. Crazy to think just four months before people were crying that it was too hot. Ah, I love diverse seasons.

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