Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last stop: Vicenza

Well, it's not really the last stop, but it was my last camp before a very, very long break. I had asked for the first week of August off, but then found out I would be on hold for three weeks....which has turned in to four. But I'm about to head back to camp, and I figured I was well overdue to update my blog by now. So here we go, back to Vicenza...

Vicenza proved to be my favorite city overall. The town is a moderate size, the architecture fantastic (thanks to Palladio), and I get to ride my bike everywhere! I was sent here for two weeks, and got placed with the nicest family. They have two of the sweetest girls, and live just outside of town. It's peaceful, beautiful, and I get to go running almost everyday. I worked with 8th and 9th graders my first week, and my second week with 3rd grade. The kids were all so sweet, and the older ones extremely good with their english. Some of them even came to assist the second week with the younger students, I was so excited! Anyway, I've posted some pics of the town and my family, and one of my students who was wearing a "Sonoma Marin Fair" shirt at class one day-I couldn't believe it! Thanks to globalized marketing, even Italians advertise for our area now. :) I'll keep this one short so I don't take all your time for reading the rest. August has been amazing....

Here is Vicenza:

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  1. I can NOT believe that kid has on a Sonoma/Marin Fair shirt on!! It even says PETALUMA! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!