Thursday, June 4, 2009

From one end of the country to the other

Sorry it's been almost two weeks since I've written. Time is flying! I enjoyed my time in Florence immensely, made many new friends (my goal for the trip is one everyday, but I think we blew that out of the water this week), and actually got to relax, sleep, and have some peace and quiet. I know, not what you normally come to Italy to do, but this isn't quite a normal trip. I then made my way up to San Remo for my orientation for work. We've been in class all week, and time has just blazed by. There are 93 tutors in my group, and another 120 starting next week. We have swarmed the town and the country, and are all very excited to have such an amazing opportunity ahead of us. My roommates are two friends from Windsor, Ontario (Canada-woo hoo!), and we have had a great time. I never thought sharing a compact hotel room with two completely unknown girls would be so easy! Every day, we have class from 9-5 or 6, with a 40 minute walk to and from our hotel. They arrange dinner for us each night, so our days are packed. I can hardly believe it Thursday. But today was supposed to be a big day, because we were all going to find out where we are being sent next week. Only six of us found out though and......I'm headed to Sicily tomorrow night! We will spend the next day and a half travelling all the way to the other end of this place! I was laughing to myself, because I had said I wanted to see the whole country this trip, so I guess they've put me on the right start. So tomorrow night, myself and one other girl will be packing ourselves onto a train from here to Genova, a night train to Rome, and from there-roughly-to Sicily. I only have a sketch of the details right now, but apparently it's quite an amazing trip. We will be in Messina for a week if not two, and after that we'll receive an update: either a new location assignment, or apparently there will be another camp in a different part of Sicily after that as well. I'm so excited! I have not had a chance to put my pictures on my computer yet, and internet service has been a little hazy in this town, but I hope to give you more details and plenty of visuals as soon as I settle into my new home for the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience, and following my chaotic adventure so far! Hope you are all well :)

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  1. Yay!! Congrats on being placed and being done with orientation! Thanks for posting an update! I'm glad to hear that all is going well and that you're having fun! And, that you've met some great friends so far! Enjoy the trip tomorrow!