Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Special visitor

The good thing about not working and moving all over is you can actually have visitors! Ahem, hint hint.... Anyway, to all of you who haven't come yet, please know you are more than welcome, as long as you can speak English. ;) It's so funny, because as much as I try to learn Italian, it just doesn't happen a lot, because everyone wants to practice their English. So, my dear Rob came to visit! We didn't have a very clear agenda, but we ended up getting around to do a lot, which was awesome. For as long as I've been in Italy, and as many cities as I've gone to, I didn't feel like I had a lot to show for it. Well, being the paparazzi that he is, we now have more than enough photos to fill an album. We went back down to Rome (he wanted to see the Cisteen Chapel, and hey-it's Rome!), came through Tuscany, stayed in Siena, went out to Pisa, rode bikes about 10 miles up to Viareggio (on the coast, just before Cinqueterre), wandered through Verona and Venice....oh yeah, and had a couple days to chill and visit families and friends I had stayed with. For being only two weeks, it was packed. So many amazing places and good memories. These are just a few of the shots from those weeks.
After the first week of October though, he was gone, and I was left with...a very empty schedule. So now I'll give you a little glimpse of how my life is going these days.

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